Pin Up Girl Tattoo – Top 30

The pin up girl tattoo may be relatively new but pin-ups themselves have been around since as early as the 1860’s! The term ‘pin-up’ comes from the process of taking images from a magazine and pinning them to the wall, however nowadays it seems people are just as happy to have them tattooed to their body! Here are 30 of the best pin up girl tattoos!

Pin Up Girl Tattoo

29: Old style mechanic pin up.

Pin Up Mechanic

28: Sexy style pin up tattoo.

Pin Up Sexy

27: Sailor pin up girl tattoo.

Pin Up Navy

26: Old style shaded pin up girl.

Pin Up Bra

25: Sexy half naked pin up girl!

Pin Up Topless

24: Pin up girl in red.

Pin Up Red

23: Pin up with umbrella, lifting dress.

Pin Up Umbrella

22: Pin up girl in denim listening to old records.

Pin Up Record

21: Colourful pin up girl tattoo.

Pin Up Black

20: Pin up at the gas station.

Pin Up Gas

19: Pin up girl lifting dress while carrying a cake.

Pin Up Cake

18: Pin up nurse sat down.

Pin Up Nurse

17: Pin up sat on the front of a car.

Pin Up Car

16: Pin up and anchor combination.

Pin Up Sailor

Pin Up Girl Tattoo - Top 30

15: Lovely looking air-force pin up.

Pin Up Airforce

14: Shaded pin up saluting.

Pin Up Salute

13: Large pin up design with flowers.

Pin Up Flowers

12: Nurse about to give an injection.

Pin Up Injection

11: Old style pin up with safety ring.

Pin Up Swim

10: Amazing old style pin up sat on a cake.

Pin Up Large Cake

9: Sexy pin up in tartan skirt.

Sexy Pin Up

8: Pin up girl fishing.

Pin Up Fish

7: Another pin up saluting, this one with amazing color.

Pin Up Colourful Salute

6: French maid pin up girl tattoo.

Great Maid Pin Up

5: In 5th place is this amazing nightgown pin up tattoo.

Pin Up Nightgown

4: Another French maid, this one sweeping away under the skin.

Pin Up Maid

3: Sex pin up lying down, great use of the natural skin to create a pillow effect.

Pin Up Shirt

2: Colourful sexy nurse design!

Pin Up Sexy Nurse

1: Number one on our pin up girl tattoo list is this highly detailed 60's pin up design. Amazing!

Old Style Sexy Pin Up