Looking For Pisces Tattoo Ideas? Check These Out!

Looking For Pisces Tattoo Ideas?

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac typically representing people born between February 19th and March 20th. People who fall under this astrological sign Pisces are usually believed to have a strong personality. The basic design of the Pisces sign is two fish facing opposite directions, more like the Yin Yang symbol.

Various interpretations include fish chasing each other or swimming away from each other. These two swimming fish are usually connected by a thin line and/or a string connecting their mouths. And that representation can have an endless list of meanings that are worthwhile. So, if you’ve been looking for ideas for unique tattoo designs, then these Pisces tattoo ideas might just provide the inspiration for your next piece.

Pisces Tattoo Meanings

According to observations that have been made over the years, Pisces are considered intuitive and are believed to possess the sixth sense. So if you believe you have special abilities that scale above the normal, then having a Pisces tattoo can be a perfect opportunity to show your intuitiveness. Other interpretations have found Pisces to be self-indulgent, insecure, and lazy. And a Pisces tattoo can be used to show any of these characteristics.

Since the fish in the Pisces sign form a continuous circle, that can translate to depict how humans are there to help each other. Pisceans are also believed to be extremely compassionate and empathetic with those around them which may mean they tend to maintain a close relationship among friends and family members. Whichever meaning you derive from the sign, you can always find a graphical representation and find an attractive place to host it on your body.

Pisces Tattoo Designs

Pisces signs can hold different meanings to different people based on how they are designed. Pisces are believed to exist in between the real word and the spiritual world commanded by spirits and dreams. And when examined closely Pisces are gifted with natural deep intuition which makes them to be more in touch with their feelings. This means you can always come up with a design that will bring out your very personality clearly, every time people see and interact with you.

Stand-alone Pisces tattoo designs are visually appealing but you can always feel free to add some few elements like flowers, the H sign that separates the fish in the sign or make some variations to make the image look like a Yin Yang symbol. Additionally, you can have the image drawn in the colors you wish so that its quality comes out great.

Which Part Of The Body Can Pisces Tattoo Best Fit?

Pisces tattoos are one of the most unique tattoos that can be placed almost anywhere on the body. And since each individual has his or her wish on where to put the tattoo, placement can prove to be a challenge if you’re doing Pisces tattoo for the first time. But the good news is, Pisces tattoo designs can look awesome on any area of your body. Here are possible areas where Pisces tattoo can be visually appealing.

-Upper Arm: It happens to be the most masculine part of a man’s body hence can be an ideal location for Pisces symbol for men. A tattoo on this area can not only look attractive but it also makes it easier for you to show-off and hide the tattoo easily when possible.

-Lower Back: The lower back is an area for tattooing that’s mostly preferred by women because of the beauty and sexual appeal it evokes in people. The part is large enough to allow you to put any size of your Pisces creative design with the option of adding a few elements you like. It can also be convenient for placing a tattoo where it can easily be hidden and flashed when necessary.

-Wrist: This area is particularly ideal for small Pisces tattoo designs that have minimal elements added to it. Again, no matter the size of the tattoo you’re opting to draw, it can always be visible on this area. And what’s more, a tattoo on the wrist can look great both on men and women.

-Upper back: The back has a vast space on which an artist can work on but when it comes to standard-sized Pisces tattoos, the upper back can do just great. You can choose to put on left or right side of the upper back so long as it perfectly fits there.

-Legs: An image of fish swimming as they follow each other can look great on your leg too. And if you’re trying a Pisces tattoo for the first time, it might be a perfect area to start with.

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