Popular Chinese Symbols and Meanings


Chinese Symbols are extremely popular among the tattoo community. With that being said there are so many symbols and often times if you aren’t careful you’ll end up getting something that is not even close to what you wanted. A symbol that seemed to be the meaning that you wanted and ends up being something completely different. Hopefully this will steer you in the right direction and help you figure out what best suits your wants and interests.

Fu: Blessing, Good Luck, Good Fortune. Fu is a very popular symbol among the Chinese people. It can often times be found upside down on the front door of a house and is representative of good luck.

Lu: Prosperity. Fengshui is believed to be the way to Chinese health, wealth and happiness. A symbol meant to represent prosperity among the people that believe in it.

Shou: Longevity. This symbol represents life, age and birthday. A meaning of living long and seeing things unfold the way they should. A representation of living life to the fullest.

Xi: Happiness. This is the key to everything. The key to good luck, the key to prosperity and longevity is happiness. You can’t have a wonderful and fulfilling life without being happy.

Cai: Wealth and Money. Chinese say that money can make a ghost turn a millstone. Money can do a lot of things. Sometimes those things are good and other times they can be pure evil. It really depends on the person and circumstance.

He: Harmonious. “People Harmony” is very important among the Chinese people. When relationships with family or friends, even strangers, are harmonious things can be a lot easier for yourself.

Ai: Love and affection. There isn’t a lot to say about this one. Love is a universal trait and one that is well known, makes the world go round.

Mei: Beautiful and pretty. This is often associated with both people and the Chinese culture. The Chinese also call America MeiGuo, which means beautiful country.

Ji: Lucky, Auspicious and propitious. This refers to “hope all is well”. Luck is often referred to as only happening in horseshoes and hand grenades but the Chinese believe there is more to do with luck then we give it credit for.

De: Virtue and moral. De means virtue, moral, heart, mind, kindness and many more. Morals are a strong part of society and to have kindness of heart is something that could be more abundant in our current world.

These are just some of the popular Chinese symbols that could be strong representations of what your feeling or looking for. Chinese writing and art is extremely beautiful. They take their time in everything they do and placing any symbols on your body that is part of their culture shows a high respect for their people. The Chinese believe strongly in their heritage and beliefs and representing them isn’t something that should be taken lightly.