Princess Tattoos

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What did every girl want to be when she grew up? A princess of course. Well not every girl but a good majority of them. Girls want to be princesses and for good reason. They want to live the life of luxury. Girls want to be spoiled and treated like royalty. This article will be based more towards a guy’s perspective but still bringing valid points to these type of tattoos.

Princess movies are where the idea starts. Disney has developed the life of luxury but not every princess movie starts out that way. As with any good movie there is a build up of both hardship and frustration that awaits many of these princesses on their journeys. Some princess movies are about a guy and a girl. The basis of human evolution. Men and women searching for each other. Trying to find the one that we are meant to be with and love for all of our lives. When you’re a princess it’s not always that easy. You’re surrounded by guards, or every man is trying to get with you and it makes this more challenging. Often times many hearts are broke and not all the pieces are sewn back together.

When girls get princess tattoos there are a few reasons. Some get them because, well it reminds them of a more promising time in their lives. They also get them because they know the value of who they are and are waiting for their special prince to sweep them off their feet.

There are countless classics and continuing modern day films that keep the ideas going. Some classic movies are Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, the Little Mermaid and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I watched all these as a child. They’re amazing movies with equally amazing story lines. They give hope to not just girls but to men as well. Hope to us men that we might be able to find a girl or woman as amazing as in the movies.

More modern day movies consist of Tangled, Frozen, the Princess and the Frog and Enchanted. The only difference between classic films and modern ones are the image quality. Taking twenty or thirty years of improvements makes a huge difference when you’re talking about movies. The special effects hardly even seem special. The movie looks as if you’re viewing it in real life. You can hardly tell that it’s fake.

That’s another great thing about princess movies and why they make such great tattoos. They aren’t fake. The feelings and ideas are very real. They make people want to hope for a better future. It gives couples a sense of hope that maybe the hard times will past and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Princess tattoos can consist of just crowns, the words or even movies or characters. It all depends on what movie or circumstance affected your life.

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