The Best RIP Tattoo Ideas To Start With

The Best RIP Tattoo Ideas To Start With

It is in life’s nature that at one point or another we get to have sad moments after losing those who we hold dear. As human we are allowed to mourn or celebrate a departed life. Though we at times easily forget those who have passed on, some people always remain at our hearts because of the bond we shared with them and are remembered forever in the form of a RIP tattoo.

RIP tattoos getting more popular by day as they have become a fascinating way of paying tribute to the beloved ones who have passed on to afterlife. RIP tattoo provide a way of remembering a person for your lifetime as it is something you will be seeing always.  They aren’t typically as bright an colorful as hummingbird tattoos, but they still serve a purpose and can look amazing.

If you opt to have RIP tattoo for a loved one, there are many types for you to choose from. RIP tattoo ideas vary with design, the person that passed on and the contents it supposed to display.

What are the Different types of RIP Tattoo Ideas?

  • RIP Dad Tattoo – this type of tattoo is normally an attribute to the dads. The tattoos are normally made with praying hands concluded with an RIP message. Other forms include portraiture of their faces and the message surrounding the face or just beneath it. The tattoo can be made on the back, the arm or on the chest.
  • RIP Cross Tattoo – the cross tattoo includes a cross that is often wrapped with ribbon that is used to display a required message. Many people choose this type of tattoo as a way of memorializing dear ones. Messages can include; birth and death date, loving message, or even a nice quote he used quite often that inspires you more often.
  • Wings R.I.P Tattoo – this type of tattoo is famously designed with either with an angel or a heart. The heart design includes wings folding around it which represents the loved one as angels being in your heart as you are in his or hers. Also in the design includes a few simple words stating your remembrance the dear one.
  • Grandmamma RIP Tattoo – this type of tattoo is usually written as Grandma and when it includes both grandparents it’s written as Grand’s. The loss of granny follows with great emotions which is why we are always grief stricken. Grandma RIP tattoo can reflect the deep emotions by creating a unique tattoo that recognizes the special stuff that she held dear all her life. Many people know that grandmas are responsible for keeping the family together. Grandma RIP tattoo can include mentioning the family name that she was responsible for bringing and holding together. Some people may opt to tattoo her face including a few lovely words in their commemoration.
  • Grandpa RIP Tattoo – just like the Grandma’s, Grandpa RIP tattoo is equally special. If you’ve had the chance to share life with your grandparents then you understand when I say they hold a special place in our hearts. How they cherish their grandkids is what makes it so emotional to lose them. The tattoo is usually designed with a symbol of that one thing he was always proud of; a good guess could be you. On the tattoo include the phrase “RIP Grandpa” or his name. You could also opt to do a facial print of his face and the RIP words. The tattoo is normally done on the bicep skin near the shoulder.
  • R.I.P Memorial Tattoo – this type of tattoo generalizes the R.I.P tattoos. Generally it suggests that you have been tattooed in honor of someone who left us and moved on to afterlife. R.I.P Memorial tattoos can be as brief and small as you wish; it may include the initials R.I.P, the name, and words like ‘I’ll never forget you’. A long or more detailed tattoo may include a personal thing about the special person that you will want to memorialize. On the tattoo design you can include date of birth and departure of the loved one.
  • Mom R.I.P Tattoo – there are no worthy words that can describe the best mom. Moms hold special bonds with their kids, they are quite appreciated for the care they provided and the perseverance they had with you as their kid. Their departure leaves so many sad moments that take a while to recover. The bond between the mom and daughter or son can be so strong that an R.I.P tattoo can be the best way to show your love for her. The tattoo designs for her may include roses, couple of hearts – symbolizing two bonded hearts, a portrait of her face, her name, something that was meaningful to you both or the words ‘mom’. On the tattoo you can include the important thing she gave you that is priceless.
  • R.I.P Tattoo Ideas for Girls – these are R.I.P tattoo ideas with a feminine touch. The tattoos are usually designed with hearts, flowers, angels or a beautiful statement reflecting the emotions left behind by the loss of a loved one. In an instance where it’s a loss of a baby girl, then the design may include her portrait, portraiture of you holding her, or angelic hands holding a baby figure representing your girl. Age never matter because at whatever age that she’d pass on, she will forever be your baby girl so whatever the tattoo design it doesn’t matter.
  • RIP Quotes Tattoo – this is simply a quote written tattoo that is significant to you the late person. You can do this tattoo so that you can have an everlasting memory of the departed. The name, birth and death date should also be added.
  • Angle RIP Tattoos – this is a memorial tattoo whose design includes an angel holding your dear one, or the angel can be designed to represent the deceased new form in heaven. The design should include their names, date of birth and death.

By now you have a lot of RIP tattoo ideas, whatever you choose is dependent of the person in question and what you feel about them. As much as they will stay in your heart forever, you can make them fresh in your memory with an R.I.P tattoo that will always remind you of them.