The 24 Most Interesting Scroll Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are considered to be great tools to enhance your personality and visual appeal. Years ago, it was believed that people with a bold personality were the only ones to get tattoos. In the modern world, almost anyone can get a tattoo suiting his or her personality and appearance. While some people get temporary tattoos for a short period of time, others choose exceptional designs to stay with them for the entire duration of their lives.  You can find sever different designs (like butterflies) if you are not looking for scroll tattoo designs.

Tattoos are available in a wide range of designs and sizes. You can choose from various options. Scroll tattoo designs have always been extremely popular. You must have seen these intriguing tattoos on many necks and arms. As mentioned earlier, tattoos initially started off as indications of gangster style and masculinity. These days, almost everyone can be seen flaunting an interesting tattoo design. Scroll tattoos are considered to be the most popular.

From the suave corporate executive to the fresh out of college youngster, these tattoo designs have been catching up pretty fast. Many people wonder what scroll tattoos mean. In simple terms, scrolls are ancient documents with valuable and important information. In ancient times, they were made from leaves or papyrus. Later, scrolls started being used as maps and manuscripts. In most cases, scrolls are used to highlight important text, especially when it comes to tattoo designs. In this post, we have discussed some of the most interesting and popular scroll designs.

Zodiac Sign

In most cases, this tattoo design is created in black ink. Most people prefer the zodiac sign scroll tattoo. Librans love this design because of the exquisite graphic of the Libra sign. This zodiac sign’s symbol is depicted by a woman trying to balance a pair of scales with a single hand. The design indicates balance in life. This is crucial to the meaning of the tattoo. The woman in the Libra sign’s symbol is blindfolded, which symbolizes justice and impartiality.

Bon Jovi

As the name suggests, this scroll tattoo design is an ideal choice for Bon Jovi fans. You can always improvise with the name of some other celebrity of rock band you like. The design comprises of a red heart outlined with black ink and a pair of silver wings. There is a silver dagger piercing right through the heart. Over the design, you can see the scroll, where Bon Jovi is written in bold letters.

Hand Clutching

Even this tattoo design is preferred in black ink. It looks best on the arm. In the design, you can see a forearm tattooed on another arm. The fingers are rolled into a tight fist. From the fist, one end of the scroll is visible and twines around the forearm. On the scroll, there can be a message of your choice. It can be an inspirational quote or something you believe in. A lot of people choose this tattoo design because of its aesthetic appeal.

In Memoriam

As the name suggests, this tattoo design is considered to be a symbol of remembrance for a special someone who has passed away. In the design, you can see an archaic crucifix with exceptional and unique designs and patterns. Behind the crucifix, you can notice a pair of wings. Over the wings, the name of the deceased is written in small letters. Below the name, you can also ask the artist to write the year of birth and the year of death. Once again, this tattoo is preferred in black ink.

Swiss Heart

This tattoo is preferred by a lot of patriotics. In simple terms, it symbolizes national pride. In this design, you can see a heart painted in the colors of your country’s national flag. The Swiss flag design is quite popular because of the beautiful white and red colors. Over the national flag, you can see a scroll with a message praising the country. The design depicts pride of belonging to your country.

Biblical Verse

This is one of the simplest scroll tattoo designs. It depicts an important or interesting verse from the Bible. In this design, you can see a tattered scroll with a biblical verse written on it in block letter. For the text, you can choose any bold color, such as black or red. The Bible has numerous verses, and you can choose one that means something to you.


This tattoo design is considered to be a symbol of mourning for a loved one who passed away. It is preferred in black in. Most people get in on the arm or the back. It can have a touching quote about the memory of your loved one. Below the quote, you can get the name of the deceased. It can be followed by the year of death.


This is one of the most beautiful scroll tattoo designs. It is created in black and white color. You can see three black roses strategically arranged with wide spaces in between them. Within the spaces, you can see scrolls with the names of dear and loved ones. The names are written in white ink with black outlining.


Once again, this is a black and white tattoo. In the design, you can see a scroll with a famous Latin quote. Both ends of the scroll are carried by two swallows. This tattoo design is an ideal choice for someone with a mysterious personality.

Blessed Crucifix

Last but not the least, a blessed crucifix is considered to be a powerful tattoo design. The tattoo is created with black ink and depicts a crucifix with wings. Over the design, you can see a scroll with Blessed’ inscribed in a simple cursive font.

Besides these scroll tattoo designs, you can choose from a wide range of other options in different sizes. It is important to visit a reputed tattoo parlor to get the tattoo on your body. It’s even more important when you’re getting a permanent tattoo. These days, you can browse through numerous tattoo design galleries on the Internet. In these galleries, you can find a lot of designs for scroll tattoos. This takes some pressure off of you.

The Best Scroll Tattoo Designs