50 Show Stopping Libra Tattoo Designs

Considering Libra tattoo designs or any other new tattoo? For as long as tattoos have been around, and ever popular with individuals from all age groups, races, and religious beliefs, the astrological sign has been one of the most highly desired and sought after tattoo options chosen by individuals considering a new tattoo.

Astrological symbols have been studied for years, and intrigue people who belong to a particular group, and are looking for a tattoo symbol or message which will convey their beliefs, their attitude, or some other character trait which they exemplify in their daily lives. For those who are considering a tattoo, Libra tattoo designs are a great option for individuals whose birthday falls within September 24 to October 23 time table. So, what exactly does the tattoo and the astrological sign mean? These are some of the basics around Libra tattoo designs, and the balancing scales which is closely associated to the Libra symbol.


The image for the astrological sign is depicted as two balancing scales. It is often said that individuals who are Libra’s often depict this in their personalities as well, as they have counter-balancing moods, to help balance out their everyday mood and attitude. The scales symbolize balance in life. Work, relationship, finances, all of these things are balanced in the life of a Libra. What are some characteristics which are often associated with individuals who are Libra’s? Some characteristics which individuals of this astrological sign tend to display include:

  • Charismatic.
  • Diplomatic and romantic.
  • Easygoing and idealistic.

Libras often innate the right of sense and justice. They are the type of people who are always looking for the good in others, or look for social justice and balance in everyday society. They area the type of people who want there to be social norms, values, and policing in society, to ensure only those who contribute to society and do good in society, are free among the rest of us.

What is a bad day for a Libra like? Individuals of either sex who are having a bad day, tend to display certain characteristics or emotions. Some of these include: the individual may seem gullible, self-indulgent, or flirtatious. The astrological sign is also the only one in the zodiac calendar year which is represented by a symbol (the balancing scales) as opposed to a human or animal figure. All other 11 astrological signs are either depicted by an animal, or a human like figure, which differentiates the Libra from all other astrological, zodiac signs.

What astrologers say about the sign

It is considered to be the most highly desirable of all astrological signs by modern astrologers. Why is this the case? It is said to be the astrological sign which represents the zenith of the year. It is a sign which represents the high point of the seasons, and it is the sign which represents the period in time where the harvest of all the hard work done during the year is reaped. It is a sign which is closely tied to affluence, receiving the benefits of your labor, and is closely tied to individuals who receive the “fruit of their labor and work.”

Choosing your Libra tattoo designs

For those who are Libras, if you are considering getting a new tattoo, and would like something which represents you, the astrological sign is one of the many great ideas you can choose from when deciding on the tattoo design. Not only is it something that is closely tied to you, but it is a unique symbol, and it is the only sign which is not represented by the human or by the animal figure, so it is one which is quite distinct from the rest of the astrological signs of the zodiac.

What should you consider when choosing your Libra tattoo designs? Some things to keep in mind when choosing the tattoo are:

  • The location where it will be placed. Do you want it in a prominent, highly visible location, or somewhere it can be hidden with an article of clothing?
  • The size. You also have to consider the size, and determine whether it should be smaller in nature, or something which is visible from a distance.
  • Where it is on the body. Some areas of the body have skin which is likely to expand or stretch out over time. This is something to consider when choosing location on the body.

Depending where you plan on putting the tattoo, and whether you choose color or black and white, these are some things to keep in mind when choosing your Libra tattoo designs.

Word or symbol?

Another factor to consider when choosing your Libra tattoo design is whether to simply choose the written word (Libra), or choosing the symbol. If you choose the balancing scales, make sure you consider several different scale designs, sizes, colors, and visit different tattoo artists. Doing so will allow you to find a design you like and will be happy with. If you choose to have the word Libra written, do you want it in print, cursive, or other language (such as Kanji or Japanese script). Consider these factors prior to choosing your tattoo design.

Lastly, consider if you are going to have the Libra tattoo designs completed in color black and white. Again, color might fade over time and require touch ups, whereas black is more likely to remain highly visible, and isn’t as likely to fade in the sun or with age. Depending on whether you want something simple, or highly prominent and visible, will influence whether you choose a color tattoo or one which is black.

There are several things to consider when choosing your Libra tattoo designs. Depending on the type of tattoo you like, and the style you prefer, it is a good idea to visit a few tattoo artists prior to having the work done. With the Libra design, you have several design options to choose from, and an extremely unique design option. Before choosing your Libra tattoo designs, consider these aspects to choose the right design when time comes to have your tattoo designed.

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