Simpsons and Archer Tattoos

Two iconic cartoon shows. They’ve both stamped and paved their way into TV history. Two completely different networks, yet all with one goal in mind, laughter. Laughter is something so many of us need when the days have been long and hard. Lord knows we’ve all had those days all too often. So we plop ourselves in front of the TV with some popcorn or a pizza and let it all unfold.

Many TV shows never make it as far as these two have. It’s hard to believe that the Simpsons have been running for 28 seasons. In case you aren’t aware a season usually lasts a year. So this show has been on for 28 years. That is almost mind blowing when you think about it. Most “good” TV shows don’t last for more than 4-6 years. Somewhere around then is when they start losing their luster and die off. Granted there are some that make it past that and then some. When you have a good thing going you run with it until the steam runs out.

The show Archer isn’t anything to look past. Of course they haven’t made it 28 years yet but they’re going to hit double digits. Their TV show was renewed for an eighth, ninth and tenth season. Both shows are genius and hilarious. Sure, they each have their own very different views on humor and that might be do to the fact of which network they happen to fall on.

Simpsons has to be more careful because they’re on a major television network and the rules need to be just a little more strict. Archer, however, is on cable. They don’t completely let the reigns off but they let them loose for the most part and they can do and say what they want. More swearing, more crude jokes and overall, in my less than humble opinion, it makes for a better TV show.

What in the world do these two shows have to do with getting tattoos? To be honest nothing. There isn’t anything to tie these two shows and the tattooing business together. They just happen to be incredibly funny TV shows and I’m sure you’ve seen some people, in this crazy world of ours, walking the streets with some sort of tattoos that aren’t even close to being as outlandish as these.

If you’re a die hard Simpsons or Archer fan, why not go and get a tattoo. Cement that seed of love forever on your body. Maybe some place that a work establishment won’t be able to see it. Unless you’re that proud of the show then get a face tattoo. I mean why not? Okay, don’t do that. You get the idea though. People love to get tattoos of something that is important to them. If that something happens to a TV show, then by all means, ink away.