Skyrim Tattoo – Top 10

Skyrim tattoo designs may not be the most popular in the world but you’ll still be able to find a good few if you look hard enough. Skyrim is a game that was released in 2011 and had massive success all over the world thanks in-part to its mod community and continual roll out of DLC’s.

The Skyrim game is an open-world design which revolves around the players main character. The aim of the game is to defeat Alduin the dragon who is prophesied to destroy the whole world while at the same time a civil war is taking place in the land of Skyrim between two warring fractions. Throughout the game you have an opportunity to choose which side you wish to be on, the Imperial Legion or the native Stormcloaks.

Most fans of the game will love the tattoos on this list, however if you have never played the game before some may be a little lost on you!

Here are our top 10 Skyrim tattoo designs from around the world!