Social Media Tattoos

A Linkedin temporary tattoo decorates the forehead of Baptiste Vauthey at the 2010 Bay to Breakers race in San Francisco. Vauthey's father works for the company.

Social media and tattoos. This is a hard one for me to wrap my head around. In some cases it doesn’t make much sense but there are people that are very passionate about things.

Social media has, literally, taken over everything we do. It’s here and in our faces every minute of every day. It’s how everyone stays connected. The days of driving to see someone has come to an end. Sure, we still do but not as often. Now there is, well I’ll say hi Facebook, or I can FaceTime them. It’s much easier to push a button then it is to click a pen and write a letter.

It’s a lot easier to wait for Facebook to inform you that it’s someone’s birthday and take fifteen seconds to write them a “Happy Birthday” than it is to write out your best words in a card and find a stamp, yes a stamp, and mail it off. Social media has taken the guess work out of everything. It’s become so “every day life” that it’s hard to imagine a world without it.

It’s a curse and a blessing all in one. With that being said these tattoos are hard to comprehend. It doesn’t even make a lick of sense as to why brand yourself with a social media logo. If you’re not getting a monthly check for advertising them why would you do such an outlandish thing? Yet we sit here in a world where people walk around with these media moguls branded on themselves.

Yes, inked onto their bodies for all of eternity. Okay, well maybe not for all of eternity. They do have tattoo removals now, which these people should consider, but why even think about getting these. It just doesn’t register in my mind.

This might be a very biased article but I can’t be the only one with this mentality and wondering what in the world is going on in our society. Getting a twitter tattoo isn’t a horrible idea. It can be portrayed as both a social media tattoo or just a bird. A bird could have many meanings but some of these others just don’t have that ability to hide. They’re out there and in the world. In front of everyone and waiting for someone to ask why or what that is for.

Facebook is by far the biggest juggernaut of social media. Well it’s a close race between them and google. To get a facebook tattoo logo on any part of your body is taking things a little far. This isn’t trying to be a bashing article. It’s not even trying to be a article to sway you away from getting a tattoo. It’s more to show you the why’s and don’ts of certain tattoos. It’s an article just to make you think about what you’re getting. Sure it might be popular at the time and for years if not decades to come but…just think before ink.

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