Spider Tattoos

Nightmares and horror stories seem to have spiders in them half the time. It’s hard to avoid spiders. They’re outside, inside and now they seem to be getting inked on to people’s bodies.

Why in the world would someone put a spider on their body? I’ve seen adults squirm, yell and jump at the site of a spider on the floor. It doesn’t matter the size, spiders just ensue a sense of fear.

The brown recluse, wolf spider, tarantula and black widows are at the top of the totem pole when it comes to the worst of the worst. There are many religious sections in different parts of the world that are devoted to the spider.

Spider Tattoos For Different Cultures

For instance the Lakota people believe in the dream catcher spider, Iktomi, who teaches its people wisdom and patience. Even Spider-Man, the hero of modern time comic books and blockbuster movies, has his own take on the usefulness of a spider. Most people wouldn’t believe in such silliness but there are spiders that go along with bad deeds in the world.

In Europe, spiders are seen as a bad omen. In the tattoo world some of the remnants of these times spillover and there are some that take on new roles. The symbol of a spider is thought to show unable to escape entanglement.

Criminals love getting spider web tattoos on themselves. Mainly on their elbows. One quote that comes from Tolstoy says, “To gain happiness, throw yourself out like a spider in all directions in an adhesive web of love, and catch all that comes.” It’s a good quote that gives a different shed of light on the small scary creatures that everyone fears.

Personal Traits For Spider Tattoos

Spider tattoos can also represent more positive traits such as wisdom, fertility, harmony and balance. It seems to be hard to get away from the mindset that all spiders are bad. Yes, there are some that can be harmful but a majority of the time they don’t bother humans. If you leave them alone they’ll leave you alone.

Not everything is that believable in this world of ours but that is a fact. Most spiders just want to catch their food in their cobwebs and go about their day. Yet, we put a hatred among them that has carried from century to century. Having that sort of mentality is a hard thing to just forget overnight. It’s certainly something that needs to be worked on and if we’re being honest, no matter how much we try, we’re still going to scream at them.

Tattoo placement of spiders or spider webs aren’t really a big deal. The only one you need be careful of is the elbow spider web. It has implications of jail. So if you get caught in the middle of the “hood” and people think that you’ve done time, hopefully you’ve practiced what you’re going to tell them to keep yourself out of trouble.