Reasons for the popularity of Spiderman Tattoo designs

Spiderman Tattoo

Tattoo designs and their purpose have changed over the years, like People’s choice in music and clothes. The designs that people like nowadays are not necessarily the ones that their favorite celebrities or idols have on their body, but rather their own choice among a variety of themes and designs. From tribal signs of meaningful sayings to comic book inspired Spiderman tattoo designs, people can now get any type of art done on their body.

This counterculture craze can be traced back to the 70s where the fad of sporting ink on one’s body came out of nowhere in the US and began to spread in Europe as well.

What’s the craze about superhero tattoos?

Today, superheroes are not only restricted to endless editions of comic books stored away safely in a kid’s bookshelf. Companies like Marvel and DC comics have become an everyday name thanks to their growth and transition into TV shows and movies. Superheroes, like Batman and Superman, have now become a pop culture reference that inspires and entertains both young and old. This is the reason many people now see fit to mark themselves with their favorite superhero designs as a symbolic message to courage, honesty, and friendship that they represent.

When it comes to tattoos, it is clear that no other variety is more popular than Spiderman tattoo designs that people are now getting on their arm, forearm, chest, and practically any body part that you can imagine. And why shouldn’t they? This is the time to evolve and show our love to characters that have inspired and motivated us to become better persons since our childhood.

Superman, Batman, The Hulk, Wonder Woman, Ironman, Dr. Strange, etc. all have their loyal fan following who even willing to go into lengthy debates to prove which character is the best in the comic book cinematic universe.

What makes Spiderman so special?

This comic book character made his first appearance in the 15th edition of Amazing Fantasy comic books and went on to become one of the most lovable superheroes in the comic book universe. Most people want to get Spiderman tattoo designs because the character of Peter Parker is highly relatable to them. Growing up with his uncle and aunt, Peter was an unpopular high school student who was leading a normal life until a stray incident caused the death of his uncle, Ben.

Later on, he gets bitten by a radioactive way spiders to spider and soon finds out that he is gaining superhuman strength and speed, and most of all the ability to shoot spiderwebs from his palms. Thereon, his life becomes a mixture of immense joy and potential danger because he takes it upon himself to be the savior of the world and his childhood sweetheart, Mary Jane.

Success of the franchise

Today, Spiderman is more than just a comic book hero. His epic rise in popularity has led Marvel to tie up with video game studios to create Spiderman games for PC and consoles. And not to forget that Spiderman cartoons have been on television for more than just a couple of decades now. Even though Spidey’s transition into the big screen can be considered to be quite a recent, they have no doubt found themselves a home in the hearts of the fans.

All the three releases went on to become box office hits, which further lead to a reignited spark in the imagination of fans and they began to dive once again deep into the Spiderman cinematic universe. This is another cause of the rise of popularity of Spiderman tattoo designs that people now boast.

Why are these Spiderman tattoo designs so popular?

Apart from the fact that Spidey is one of the most lovable characters in comic books, tattoo artists around the world have also been inspired by this web-slinging man and turned their fandom into their expertise inside of the tattoo studios. Whenever a client walks in and discusses multiple possibilities of Spiderman tattoo designs, the tattoo artists have to rethink their approach and give every client a unique design that would make them want to showoff.

These tattoos not only look good in your body but allow adding extra definition in the spider web portions that encompass a particular part of the body. These designs look no less than amazing when done by a skilled artist and are the first choice of comic book nerds who just adore the character of Spiderman.

Here are our current top 15 Spiderman tattoos: