Star Tattoo Designs

The sky is often filled with uncountable stars which most of us spend time gazing at and admiring them. Stars are mostly associated with high goals, achievement, persistence and hope. And despite the star having many symbolic meanings, it can look stunning when put on the skin with ink too. A shining shooting star not only symbolizes success, true wishes and good luck, but also leaves one with a long-lasting impression of romance among other special things. With their message being plain and less offensive, star tattoos can be a perfect choice for beginners who are hoping to have a series of other tattoos.

Who Are Star Tattoos Meant For?

Star tattoo designs are universally acceptable for both men and women. The tattoos might have almost the same meaning but men tattoos usually tend to be bold and manly while women tattoo designs are mostly softer and more feminine. So if you’re a dreamer who wants to achieve any set goals, be sure to put one on your skin as a reminder of where you are headed. There’s even more that star tattoos can lend to your skin in terms of beauty. That’s why even the famous singers and movie stars have stars inked on their bodies just to signify what they’ve achieved in life. Some of the celebrities spotted with star tattoos include singer Rihanna, Bruce Willis, Megan Fox, Avril Lavigne, Bill Kaulitz, Boy George among others.

What Are The Coolest Star Tattoo Designs That You Can Explore?

Star tattoo designs come in plenty and you’re always presented with the option of exploring the already existing ones or come up with a unique design that suits your desires. If you want your star tattoo to have multiple meanings, you can add some variations that will help bring out your personality better. You are free to combine such elements as butterflies, moon, heart, flowers, inspirational quotes or any other text that you find interesting. Moreover, there are 3D star tattoo designs available if you want something that looks more realistic on your skin. But if you don’t have any idea of the kind of star tattoo design that can be appealing and meaningful at the same time, be sure to do some research or consult your local tattooists for more tattoo ideas.

Which Parts Of The Body Are Best Suited For Star Tattoos?

When it comes to determining the part of the body that is ideal for a star tattoo, you need to carefully look at the design you have in mind and its size. For ladies, multiple tiny tattoos and standard sized-tattoo on the upper back tend to look great and the same can be done on the forearm, neck, lower back, thighs and even foot. Star tattoos in these regions tend to be more feminine and can improve a woman’s beauty and sexual appeal. Men always prefer star tattoos on the upper arm, chest, neck and upper back and the designs to be bolder. If you’re considering a larger tattoo with some additions, then the back, chest and upper arm provides a wide space for putting all the art on your body as you desire.

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Star Tattoo?

Just like any other type of tattoo, the cost of a star tattoo will largely depend on the complexity of design as well as its size. For instance, a simple 2 Dimensional tattoo on the wrist can cost much lesser than a sophisticated 3D star tattoo on the back embellished with some text or other elements. And most certainly a colored tattoo is more expensive that a black inked tattoo just as the tattoo market dictates. There’s no defined cost for any given tattoo design but there are price variations that you might find convenient when choosing a given style. However, it doesn’t pinch either to have a unique and high quality tattoo drawn on your body because it will last long enough to give you that great look while you also get value for your money. You can always carry out comparisons among the available tattoo artists in town to identify the one doing quality job at reasonably lower costs. And since, there are no standard prices set for star tattoo designs, you can always negotiate with your chosen tattooist just to save a few bucks on the service.