Strength Tattoos

image:ian efrom

Tattoos are growing more popular every day. New artists are replacing retired ones. The business is ever booming. Shops are popping up left and right with each person trying to dip their own hands into the creative bucket. Leave their own footprint in this art form.

Sometimes that is easier said than done. It takes years and years of trial and error. Years of failing over and over. With enough heart, desire and STRENGTH those who believe in themselves and work the hardest, won’t fail. With strength it can come in different forms. There is physical, mental and emotional strength. There also happen to be symbols that have been attributed with the word.

While I can give you ideas and places to start, to help you with this journey of finding the right tattoo, you may have something completely different in mind. You might also associate strength to something that someone else might not. It doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Each individual is unique as are his or her tattoos. That’s why when it comes down to it these articles can only be guidelines. They aren’t meant to tell you that you must get this tattoo to represent “this”. That isn’t how it works, nor should it.

Now when you think of strength you think of the Hulk or Hercules. Built like a brick (you know what) and built to battle through war and continue on even when the odds are against them. That’s what I think of when I think of strength. Tigers, panthers and lions are all animals that have strength tagged on to them. These are great tattoos if you happen to be an animal lover.

Maybe you aren’t into animal tattoos and you’re looking for some type of saying or quote. These are also powerful and are quite easy to do. Quotes play a big part in keeping me going through each day. Reading something upbeat and positive is a way to stay strong even when this dark world tries to pull you down.

There is a Celtic symbol that represents strength that people often have inked on themselves. There is a Buddhist flower tattoo that means strength and determination. The Lotus Flower shows the struggle of going through a hard time and then re-emerging through it stronger than before.

In the Native American culture some feathers, depending on the color, mean strength and freedom. There are many Bible verses that are meaningful when it comes to being strong and staying true to not just you but family, friends, goals and God. (If you happen to believe in him.)

Sometimes it’s about thinking outside the box and coming up with something unique and creatively your own. Find your reason to be strong and then search for a way to represent that. It could truly be anything. Maybe it’s not even a tattoo! Maybe it’s your mom, dad, grandpa or co-worker. You might be a survivor of cancer. Find the sign that represents what you had and get that inked on yourself. A representation that you beat the hell out of cancer and came out on top.