Symbol Tattoos

(image:flickr/Aldo Diaz Rodriguez)

Symbols are everywhere in the world. Symbols have hundreds if not thousands of different meanings. People have different feelings and relations when it comes to certain symbols. Some of these symbols are easy to explain and are very common but impactful. Some of these symbols represent certain times in someone’s life that had a profound effect on them. There some common tattoo symbols that might help you along with your decision on what to get.

The clarity tattoo is often referred to as Enso. It is the Zen Buddhist symbol of enlightenment, clarity, balance and life. It best signifies an ongoing journey.

The leopard tattoo can come in many different forms. It is both elusive and mysterious. The leopard happens to be an amazing spirit animal.

The spirit signifies you are a hunter in nature. It doesn’t mean that you enjoy hunting but, more metaphorically, that whatever you desire you must awaken your hunter to obtain it.

The tattoo of “love” can by symbolized by so many different things. Love is probably the strongest emotion that exists. It can move mountains and set off a multitude of other emotions that people aren’t even aware it can affect. When it comes to the tattoo side of love, there are more than just a heart someone can get.

Love and laughter go hand in hand, as do love and music. It’s interesting when you really think about it that two different types of feelings yet met with one common denominator can go together so well.

The butterfly symbol is another popular but meaningful tattoo. Butterflies represent a multitude of meanings. They range anywhere from love and transformation to a connection with nature and natural elements to grace and resurrection.

A different yet often seen symbol is the Anarchy tattoo. It’s usually represented with an A and a letter O surrounding it. It’s very popular against the rebels of society. In general it means Anarchy is Order.

Infinity tattoos happen to be another one that is on the rise. Not just because of popularity but as it’s being brought to light it’s being recognized as a true heartfelt symbol. The tattoo represents both limitless and never ending.

These tattoos are for the most part extremely simple. They can be customized to fit your needs and wants. Some infinity tattoos often represent love, friendship or life. The words Faith, Hope and Love are possibly three of the most inspirational words of all time and can be found on numerous people.

Inked into their skin and representing the core of each and every one of their hearts. Sure some people get those three words on a whim but for the most part what they get is what they believe. These words aren’t symbols but truths. If you have faith, hope and love in your life there isn’t a whole lot that you won’t be able to accomplish.

Many times a rose is accompanied with these words and they are linked more to the Christian faith than anything else. No matter what your feelings are with these words or anything else…tattoos symbols are meant to be meaningful and powerful. Something that will help guide you through the toughest parts of this journey we call life.