Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

Tattoo sleeve ideas and designs have become hugely popular with the explosion of tattoos over the past twenty years! A quick search on the internet and you’ll find countless tattoo sleeve ideas in all sorts of different styles and colors.

However, before you make the commitment to a tattoo sleeve yourself you really need to make sure you have everything well thought through! There are a number of boxes you must make sure you tick before you get in artist chair!

The first box that needs to be ticked is employment! Will your current and future employers be OK with a full tattoo sleeve? For instance many military forces around the world have already banned tattoo sleeves and this goes for office work places too! No matter how far tattoos have come in the past twenty years, their is still a prejudice against them so be sure you have employment covered before taking the plunge!

The second box that must be ticked is the overall design! Many sleeves are not completed in one session and so your theme must be in place long before you get in the chair. If you are having the sleeve done in sections then it will look strange if you go from one idea on the top half to something completely different on the bottom half.

A final consideration should be whether tattoo sleeve will be black and grey or in color? Tattoos often look best in bright colors but as the tattoo above proves that this isn’t always the case! Choose what you think is best for you and don’t let anyone else influence you! Once you have these three boxes ticked you are good to go!

Should you be looking for tattoo sleeve ideas then you’ll find thousands on this site! However, here are some of our favorite unique tattoo sleeve ideas to get your imagination running wild!

Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

As you can see all of these tattoo sleeve ideas are very different in design and colors yet all look fantastic. Below is a video with some more great tattoo sleeve ideas to help inspire your own design!

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