40 of The Best Crown Tattoo Designs

40 of The Best Crown Tattoo Designs

Crown tattoo designs have been used as a symbol of royalty and authority right from the ancient times up to today. A typical crown has a badge office which grants the wearer or possessor the absolute authority to rule. And since it’s only worn by the members of the royal family, it is obvious it represents wealth, power and supremacy. So if you feel like a king or queen and always wanted a perfect tattoo for the match, then a crown tattoo can be your ultimate choice to go for

With a strong visual appearance and oozing symbolism, crowns have featured largely in tattoo imagery for decades now. And since a crown tattoo doesn’t evoke any offensive or violent criticism from people in the society, like a Joker tattoo might, it might just be an inspiration for your next tattoo.

Typical Crown Tattoo Meaning

Away from its original meaning of representing divine authority and royal power, a crown tattoo is a highly personalized piece of art. It can be a symbol that associates you with a certain group representing its leadership and power. A crown tattoo can also be a symbol of pride and nobility, loyalty to religion, or an inspiration for royal status when it comes to personal hierarchy. Moreover, wearing a crown tattoo can stand for ruling your own life, having noble thoughts and actions, emotionally elevated status or even righteousness and control.

If you’re a leader of a given group, crown tattoo designs can symbolize a taming element reminding you to use your power or leadership position in a wise and just manner. Considering all these meanings, you can have a tattoo design customized to convey the very message you desire.

Which Crown Tattoos Designs Can You Find In The Market Today?

Though most people perceive that crown tattoos only serve as additions to complex tattoos, the truth of the matter is they even look more incredible when they stand alone. Different people view the crown from different angles, hence there are plenty of crown designs available today. From simple black stamps, to borderline jewels and flower embellished crown images, there are plenty of tattoos that you can explore. Based on its original meaning of royalty, power and wealth, putting on a crown tattoo can single you out as a special individual that strives towards achieving high personal goals.

You can either choose to go for either 2-dimensional or 3D crown tattoo depending on how meaningful or realistic you want it to appear. Moreover, for a wrist tattoo you can choose to sign your name below it, name of your loved one, an inspirational quote or a life motto. The letters are not just ordinary, but rather they’re coordinated with the tattoo style and executed in a calligraphic manner.

Which Part Of The Body Is Appropriate For A Crown Tattoo?

Crown tattoo designs can have a plethora of meanings depending on the bearer but they also come in different designs and sizes. You can choose to have a tattoo covering the entire back or smaller tattoo on your neck or wrist. Ideally, the quality of the tattoo, despite its size, can be measured by an artist’s skill and expertise. If you want a reasonably sized tattoo, then you can feel free to have one on you upper sleeve of the arm, chest, thigh or upper back. Crown tattoos can also be done in pairs, especially if you’re a couple with the idea of having identical tattoos on your bodies. In such scenarios, crown tattoos can be designed according to your gender so that you can identify yourself as king or queen. Isn’t that romantic?

Are Crown Tattoo Designs Expensive To Have Drawn?

Just like any other type of tattoo, a crown tattoo’s cost will largely depend on its size and the amount of detail required to finish. For instance, a simple 2D crown tattoo will cost much lesser than a reasonably larger 3D tattoo accompanied by text above or below it. Tattoos with lots of embellishments can also attract a higher cost because of the time spent on the fine details before finishing. Crown tattoos have many design possibilities and you can always feel free to choose a design that best reveals what you believe in.

The general cost of crown tattoos is not that high so you can always have the image perfectly inked in your body, without worrying about going bankrupt. So find an experienced tattoo artist in your area, discuss with him or her your design options and start walking tall on your crown tattoo.