Tom and Jerry Tattoos

The slapstick comedy duo. The original cat and mouse adversaries. Yet, at the end of the day they seemed to share some sort of unspoken bond. Some episodes it seemed like they might be working together. They might even like each other. It’s not what they wanted to portray to people but it’s something that just happens.

At the end of the day, and of course deep down inside each of them, they are friends. But for ego and arguments sake they are going to attack each other and give each other hell at any chance they can get. Wherever these two ended up, madness and chaos ensued. It took less than a minute in each episode for these two to rip apart the house and destroy every piece of wood, furniture and special piece or memorabilia in there. Some fights became iconic and the show turned out to be such a success that it won numerous awards.

Tom (the cat) rarely ever was able to catch Jerry (the mouse). Jerry was far to clever and had a smart wit about him that, most days, kept him out of harm’s way. Tom would do his best to put an end to Jerry on every episode. He would use an arsenal of weapons that ranged anywhere from axes, hammers, explosives, traps and even poison. Jerry’s methods of retaliation were just as cruel, if not worse, due to the fact that they almost always seemed to work.

Jerry would slam Tom’s fingers or head indoors and windows, slamming Tom’s tail in a waffle iron, sticking him in the refrigerator, electrocuting him and trying to light explosives anywhere in the vicinity of Tom. Of course there is no blood or gore and this is all slapstick comedy and meant to make people laugh. As we know times aren’t as easy now as they were thirty years ago. This cartoon is often deemed violent and not made for children. It’s probably because we live in the modern world full of babies. Everything is too dangerous for everyone. Time’s are a changin but Tom and Jerry never will.

This show is able to transcend over into both modern life and even the tattoo world quite well. There are themes and ideas that this show instills. Life lessons that can be made. Even from the “violence” that ensues. Do unto others as you want unto you. Isn’t that like one of the oldest sayings of all time. Like thousands of years old. It shouldn’t even be a saying. It shouldn’t be a quote.

Truthfully, it’s common sense but we live in a society now that isn’t so bright and doesn’t quite understand that. Let us take notes from a cat and mouse and apply them to the life lessons that are true. Sometimes the smallest of creatures can teach us the largest of lessons.