Tree Tattoo


Trees are thought to be long lasting, resilient and able to stand the weather and hardships of time. Their life spans can range anywhere from fifty all the way up to five thousand years. This mainly depends on the environment that they grow up in. Trees bring a home to animals that happen to dwell in their branches. They bring shade to the adventurist looking to take a quick break and lumber to anyone looking to build a home. Trees are so useful, it’s safe to say, we often take what they can do for granted.

They also provide us with fruit and medicine to many different cultures around the world. Celts and Greeks look at trees as being sacred. They believe the Oak tree is at the top of the pyramid. They honored and worshipped many trees that were thought to have special powers and served as houses for the fairies.

Buddha believed Bodhi trees were the symbol for enlightenment. The Hindus, used the peepal (Bodhi tree), to be both spiritually and holistically important. They used this tree to treat asthma, jaundice, diabetes epilepsy and certain infections.

For Christians, in the Bible, the tree of life in the Garden of Eden, contained all knowledge of both good and evil. For our more modern times tree worship can be seen with the Christmas tree.

The tree of life can be found in many different mythologies and is one of the more common tattoos when it comes to trees. The tree shows connection between all living things. It shows that we all come from the same life force and that no one person is better than another.

Cherry blossom tree tattoos are very prominent and date back to the Asian culture. The tree shows femininity and grace among women and is geared more towards the female side of tattooing then the male.

Roots, leaves, flowers and branches also all have their own special meanings when it comes to the art of the tattooing. Roots are symbolic of a connection to the past and show ways that the tree supports itself and finds nourishment. When it comes to tattooing this can give the impression that this person is both well grounded and strong.

Leaves can have a variety of different meanings. They can symbolize growth and rebirth, the changing of life events or seasons and the growing process of a leaf and us humans maturing.

Flowers are geared more towards women unless you’re just getting them to go along with your design. Their a sign of a girl blossoming into womanhood. They can signify innocence, beauty and tranquility.

Branches represent individuals. Branches with just buds on it is a good symbol of youth. One with flowers could mean the maturing into adolescence and a branch with fruit on it shows maturity and the readiness to conquer and reach out into the world.

The tree tattoo is a great one for more of a back, chest or thigh piece. It’s a strong tattoo when trying to show both love of family and the progressive nature of your life.

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