Tribal Band Tattoos You Should Consider

Tribal Band Tattoos You Should Consider

Tribal band tattoos have been a popular choice for tattoo lovers in the recent years and though some are shifting to other types of tattoos, their designs are still going strong. With their history dating back thousands of years back, tribal tattoo popularity was revived in the 90s with some aspects blended with the traditional tribal designs. Tribal arm band tattoos are the most popular choice today not only because of their bold impact but because they are easy to show and hide in shirt sleeves as well.

Band tattoos are varied when it comes to styles which makes them flattering on both men and women. On men, they can be bold and manly while on women they appear subtle and feminine. And so if you’ve been looking for a unique and customized styles, then tribal band designs can be an inspiration for your next tattoo.

What Do Tribal Band Tattoos Stand For?

Tribal armband tattoos have been used in Hawaii and other Polynesian islands for centuries to show rank and status. Their function is more the same as armbands sewn on military and scout uniforms worn today. However, the traditional tribal band tattoos were used to mark individuals for purposes of personal identification, protection as talisman, adornment, spirituality, family heritage and representing significant life events.

Modern tribal armband tattoo designs are associated with many of the traditional particular tribes but have its elements sourced from different cultures. Today, people not only use black tribal band tattoos to improve the look of their skin but they also use them in mourning a loved one. So, you can always alter a given design or make additions to available designs to come up with something meaningful and good looking.

What Makes Tribal Tattoo Designs Unique From Others?

Tribal band tattoos are on most cases drawn on the wrist or upper sleeve of the arm and there are many designs one can explore. Most of these tattoos involve use of black ink which holds up well and doesn’t fade any fast like other colors. Also, tribal tattoo designs are extremely popular and you can blend the available designs to come up your customized tattoo design. And most importantly, tribal tattoos usually have a bold visual appeal from their thick, black curving lines and the interlocking patterns, making them ideal for drawing in areas such as the upper arm, back or the lower back. Though not original tribal band tattoos can look good on any physique and so if you don’t have any idea of the style you need, be sure to look at the available tribal tattoo designs at a reputable tattoo parlor in town.

Which Parts Of The Body Can A Tribal Tattoo Look Great On?

Majority of people prefer drawing tribal band tattoos on the arm (wrist and upper sleeve) but there are many other parts of the body that you can put your tattoo on. If you’re a beginner, then trying an ankle tribal band tattoo can be a great start because it can be easily hidden by wearing pants. While armband tattoos are suitable for both men and women, ankle tattoos tend to be more feminine. You can also try putting the tattoo on your thigh, upper or lower back if find it interesting over there.

Clearly, the choice is yours to make but always remember, your tribal tattoo should be put where it can be easy to flash and hide at the same time; if you are a working individual. For instance, an upper arm tribal tattoo can easily be shown by wearing a t-shirt and at the same time can be hidden by wearing long sleeved shirt while in the workplace. So you should always think before you ink your body.

Are Tribal Tattoo More Expensive Than Other Types Of Tattoos?

Tribal band tattoo designs can either be simple or complex but the form is always adaptable. And just like other tattoos, the cost of drawing a tattoo will depend on the given design and the amount of work required to finish it. For instance, a simple ankle tribal tattoo will cost less than a sophisticated arm tattoo with different styles incorporated. Also, the size of the tattoo greatly determines the cost and so you should be keen on identifying the standard size that will look great on your body at a lesser cost. If you want a permanent bracelet on your wrist or band for your upper arm, then a tribal tattoo can be a perfect choice for you. Visit a reputable tattoo artist in your areas to get ideas on the best tribal tattoo designs for even greater looking tattoo.