Video Game Tattoos

image:the pug father

Video games seem to becoming more popular by the day. Why it is deemed necessary to get said game as a tattoo is still yet to be determined. At least for my own understanding. Yet they’re here and inked all over hundreds of thousands of not just Americans but people all over the world.

The tattoos can vary greatly. They can be old school. We’re talking original Nintendo. They can be of PacMan. You might have been more of the arcade game buff than the TV one. There is nothing wrong with either one. Heck, arcade games are still around today. They aren’t as prevalent and instead of spitting out tickets, in most place, it’s all done electronically with a card. It is rather sad when you start to think about. The younger children growing will never know the mass thrill of seeing tickets fly out of the game you’re playing. Hitting the jackpot and trying to count the tickets as fast as you can while their pouring out. Something that can’t be replicated. It’s not quite as fun seeing it happen as an adult but as a kid, we lived for that action!

I’m sure at this point you’re clearly asking yourself, “what in the same diggity does any of this have to do with tattoos?” Well some of it has to do a lot with tattoos and some of it none at all. The point here is that maybe if arcade games were your style you might want to get tickets. Yes the same tickets that came pouring out. There might have been one day where you struck it big. So big that you remembered the number. What if you got the game you played, with tickets coming out of the machine and the number you scored on one of the tickets. Brilliant! Probably not brilliant but it could make for a very cool tattoo.

Gears of war, Sonic, Mario Party or any other shoot em up live role play game that tickles your fancy. All of these games could be winners. They could be just what you’re in to and something that you think would look good on your skin for the rest of your life.

You do have to take into consideration where you put them. Not because of some sort of embarrassment issue. That isn’t the case at all. Tattoos are more prevalent now than they ever have been. They’re also more accepted but certain business and even our culture then they were ten years ago. That still doesn’t mean that everyone likes them or that they are acceptable at work.

There are still some old school, by the book bosses who don’t want to see your gamer tag on your arm. They don’t want to see a tattoo of Yoshi on your bicep. Just take into consideration where you place them if you happen to have a good job. You need to keep that job to get more tattoos.