40 Virgo Tattoo Designs For All Ages

What kind of message are you sending when you choose from several options for Virgo tattoo designs? When you’re a Virgo, you’re naturally analytical and have some perfectionist tendencies, so you want to make sure a design that is going to be permanently inked on your body is going to send exactly the right signals for the kind of person you are.

The planet that influences you the most is Mercuryd, the fleet-footed messenger of the gods whose job was to make sure his messages reached the right place at the right time.Mercury could also be seen as the symbol of intellectual discrimination and the need to receive the most reliable current information available before you make a “yes or no” decision. You may even get a little bit ticked if somebody failed to deliver important information you needed to make that decision.You might consider tattooing the Virgo symbol on your foot to signify the concept of being able to communicate the messages you wish to convey swiftly and clearly. A Virgo symbol might also be surrounded by stylized wings to convey the speed at which Mercury can travel when delivering his messages. Another popular design is the Virgo symbol inside a stylized sun to convey the fact that the planet Mercury travels close to the hostile environment surrounding the sun and maintains its integrity as a planet.

The Virgo sign looks good on the bicep, the collarbone and the back of the neck and can be stylized with a variety of designs like the addition of a red rose to signify the exacting standards that Virgos often have when it comes to romantic relationships. A stylized trellis for flowering vines are a popular way to incorporate Virgo into a more delicate design. It could also be stylized to hint at dragons who were seen as clever and logical in many cultures.

Many especially popular designs use the Virgo symbol as the centerpiece for highly detailed designs. You might choose Virgo tattoo designs that causes the symbol to pop out as a bold 3D art design or as a stylized antique design that hints at classical architecture. Alternatively, you could choose a more delicate-looking design that hints at the art of calligraphy and a preference for flowing designs.

Some people like to incorporate the design as part of a tattoo of strong, bold women who could keep up with men not only on the battlefield, but also while planning a detailed strategy. Legendary Celtic women like Queen Maeve are popular for their boldness and cleverness in both warfare and their personal lives.Elven characters such as Arwen from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings are also popular. You may especially prefer a symbol of Lady Justice, as the Virgo constellation includes Zeus’ virgin daughter Astraea, who was the goddess of Justice and was said to rule Earth wisely for a brief period of time until humanity forgot the value of a fair and equitable justice system.

Because Virgos are generally tied to the Earth element, you may prefer a more earthy, practical design that is still bold enough to be noticed. The colors of a Virgo design might include earth tones such as brown and green or bold metallic tones to signify the value of precious metals extracted from the ground. You could also set precious gemstones like emeralds and sapphires in the tattoo design. Virgo is generally seen as the symbol of fertility and harvest because it’s the sign of the traditional harvest season, so you can convey this concept with the inclusion of symbols of prosperity.The Virgo symbol could be set above an image of the planet Earth and express your caring for the world we live in.

The tattoo could also reflect the parts of the Virgo nature that leads to your ability to be very detail-oriented. Your team mates value you for your ability to spot elements that they may have overlooked while focusing on the big picture. You could go for an intricate Celtic knot design or cleverly hide the Virgo sign in a large, complex design to see who is detail-oriented enough to spot it.

This detail-oriented nature may also be what makes you good at any job that requires you to be able to spot the smallest possible error. You may be the one whom no one wants to offend because they know you’ll spot and document or report their errors to managers who can have a huge impact on their careers. You’re the one who could be counted on for a fair and equitable analysis of any situation and fairly tell the story of an error that was constantly being made that your colleagues may have refused to own up to and you could signify that by incorporating Lady Justice’s scales in your tattoo design.

When you’re as detail-oriented as Virgos are generally known for, you could spend many hours coming up with the perfect design or flipping through many options that you like and could customize. You want a design that shows off who you are as a proud Virgo who has held on to your analytical nature even though you may have been teased for it. Choosing both the tattoo design and a tattoo artist is one case where you can get away with being very picky because, when it gets down to cases, you’re having a tattoo permanently inked in your skin and you don’t want to ever regret it. As a Virgo, you are most likely very discerning about any choice you make and there’s no shame in looking for a tattoo artist who can give you precisely the design you want even if it means you talk to ten of them. You’ve probably taken a lot of teasing for the care and precision you put into any decision, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for less than the best. The lines of your Virgo tattoo design should be bold and precise so no one will ever mistake it for anything else.

The Best Virgo Tattoo Designs