Wolf Tattoo – Top 15!

The wolf tattoo is a hugely popular design in many places around the world, especially amongst men. The wolf has many different symbolic meanings such as masculinity, strength, family, loyalty, wisdom and a few other less popular meanings.

The wolf is probably best known today as being hugely symbolic amongst north American tribes over the past few centuries. However, in Europe during Medieval times the belief in werewolf’s paralleled the belief in witches! In what is now Switzerland werewolf trails took place just the same as witch trials did!

In the 20th century the werewolf trials may have long gone but the werewolf itself was still a popular figure with TV shows such as teen-wolf and a whole host of werewolf related books and movies being released. It’s easy to see why the wolf design is so popular in the west with the wolf itself having so much history! Here are our 15 favorite wolf tattoos!