Wolf Tattoos

image: ricardo vasquez

Native American tattoos are the most common culture that proudly displays their wolf tattoos. Wolves have been associated with Native American culture for centuries. They were and still are used as spiritual guides and to represent certain ancestors.

Wolves live together in a pack and are very family oriented. This is something that transfers over into modern culture and into tattoos. Family is the most important thing in life. Family doesn’t even have to be blood related. Embrace the people around you and cherish every minute and event that happens with them.

Wolves endure harsh environments. Traveling through the wilderness and all different types of climate. Many times wolves come back from a hunt with nothing to show for and no food to eat. Yet they still push on and move forward.

Wolf tattoos represent survival and perseverance. Wolves are also considered very intelligent and tend to triumph and many ways that would seem to perplex a lot of people. Wolves always seem to carry a special place in our hearts because they are the closest related to man’s best friend, the dog.

These animals have also been made out to be represented with terror. They also contain many mysterious qualities about them. During medieval times wolves were seen as instruments of the Devil. In some Christian traditions, wolves were said to be sent by God to punish the wicked and test the faith of believers.

The wolf has changed over many centuries and many different continents, religions and cultures. It’s gone from scary and horrible to a warrior and afterlife guardian. In Mongolia the history of the wolf is a little different. They view this as a sacred animal. These people believe that they are direct descendants of the wolf. The wolf is a symbol of both good luck and prosperity. They make medicine from the intestines of the wolf. This medicine is believed to have strong curative powers.

In Chechen tradition, the wolf is more than wild, it’s the symbol of national pride. The Chechen people believe in the wolf mother and see her as the nourishing and protective force. This wolf shielded their people from strife and worry. To be as “free and equal as a wolf” is one of the greatest honors that can be achieved by anyone.

There are a few terms that refer back to the wolf. “Lone Wolf” means that you decide to carve your own path. They try to stay away from the confusion of the crowds. The Lone Wolf isn’t herded around like mindless sheep. You’re driven by your own determination and motivation. Of course, everyone is well aware of “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” This refers to the deceit of someone trying to act like they’re nice. Pretending like they’re someone that they aren’t.

The wolf tattoo is very symbolic and can have very different meanings depending on your stance in life. Take each one into consideration and go from there. On the other hand maybe you just life wolves and they’re your favorite animal. In that case, go crazy and get whatever style of wolf you set your heart on.