Check Out These Great Yin Yang Tattoos

Check Out These Great Yin Yang Tattoos

Yin yang tattoos have not only been associated with popular Chinese philosophy of balance of life but they have managed to slowly make their way into tattoo studios. A typical Yin yang symbol is vital representation of the male and female unity and balance. Yin represents the feminine force while Yang is the masculine power. According to the philosophy, these opposites interact within people and are perceived to be a major cause of inner conflicts. Should there be an imbalance in the nature of Yin and Yang, then a person is bound to become more evil. But when the Yin and Yang become balanced again, the person will retain his or her goodness.

Ideally, the symbols represent contrasting forces such as matter and spirit, male and female, earth and sky, water and fire, death and life, passive and active, shade and sunlight and so much more. Therefore, the Yin Yang can symbolize different forces depending on the context they are used in.  Getting a tattoo of this symbol is a little more meaningful to most people that a traditional batman tattoo.

Meaning Of Yin Yang Tattoos

Yin Yang symbols are usually done in black and white and other colors are rarely used. While the Yin is in white and has a black dot in it, the Yang is in black with a white dot in the middle. The portions of the symbols are usually drawn with equal size. The circle connotes a range of meanings when it comes to life and people’s beliefs. Elements of the circular symbol influence human nature by controlling forces that bind entities in a likely unending cycle of life.

A Yin Yang tattoo image can represent unity, wholeness, life’s cycles, the womb or infinity. The symbol also explains the connection between the mind and body while the concept of light and darkness represents a person’s psyche and balance of goals one wishes to achieve in life. The image might be the same but there are a myriad meanings that can be derived from it.

What Are The Popular Yin Yang Tattoo Designs?

When it comes to Yin Yang tattoos, the designs to choose from are plenty though they’re all based on the original symbol. Ideally, you can decide to go black and white or incorporate other colors in your selected design. Also, you can feel free to make additions such as flowers, tribal tattoo designs, animals and/or text to achieve a more visually appealing tattoo.

The tattoos can also be done in different sizes but the most popular designs in the market today are tiny and medium sized tattoos. However, you’re free to draw the size that you deem reasonable and include elements or embellishments that will complete it. If you’re looking for a unique design of Yin Yang tattoo, then you need to do a research on the already existing tattoos and make slight variations to make your very design more meaningful and great looking.

Which Part Of The Body Can Yin Yang Is Ideal For A Yin Yang Tattoo?

A typical Yin Yang tattoo represents balance of forces in life and depending on your chosen design, the meaning can be brought out clearly. So placing the tattoo where it can be easily seen is a great idea. For men, a bolder Yin Yang tattoo can look great on the arm, chest, neck and back. Women usually have endless options when it comes to where to place tattoos. They can place the tattoo on the wrist, hip, arm, lower and upper back, thighs, foot and neck. Small Yin Yang tattoos can look great on the arm, wrist, chest and foot. If you’re envisioning a bigger Yin Yang tattoo with added elements or other tattoo type with Yin Yang symbol, then the back can be most ideal place because of the vast expanse on which to perform the artwork.

Tattoo placement is usually a critical issue especially among the working class, because most employers do not welcome them too well. And so if you are a working individual, it’s better to do a simple classic Yin Yang tattoo on areas such as base part of the neck, upper sleeve of the arm, chest or thigh where it can easily be flashed and hidden at the same time.

Tattoo Artists near You

When you’re planning to have a Yin Yang tattoo, you’ would always want a nice looking piece of art that will give you value for your money. That means you have to carry out extensive comparison among the available tattooists in town to determine the quality and cost each one of them is willing to charge for a given design. Always remember that a high quality tattoo will not only save you a few bucks but will also mean there will be a lower risk of infection especially for foot tattoos. So take time to think before you ink.