Zodiac Aquarius Tattoos

Zodiac Aquarius Tattoos

People who are born in the Zodiac, Aquarius sign, are born quiet and shy. They tend to look at the world as full of possibilities. The dates for this sign is January 20- February 18. Some strength traits that go with this sign is progressive, original, independent and humanitarian.

However, with any good in the world there is also bad. The negative sides of this sign are running from emotional expression, temperamental, uncompromising and distant. Being shy but energetic are two interesting traits that go along with the Aquarius lifestyle.

These people have a tendency to adapt to anything around them but often times need some alone time to be away from everything to recharge their batteries. Aquarius people have a reputation for being cold and insensitive people, but this is just their defense mechanism against intimacy.

They need to learn to trust others and express their emotions in a healthy way. It’s actually something that everyone could learn to do but it happens to be especially difficult for those under the Aquarius sign.

Zodiac Aquarius Tattoos Symbols

The element that goes along with this sign is air. The sign that for this Zodiac is a water bearer. Most symbols and tattoos are shown as a pot spilling out water. Sometimes the water is represented, as water, and other times it’s shown as two horizontal zigzag lines on top of each other.

If a tattoo is of a man or woman, spilling water out of the pot it is a representation of spreading both food and life. Some tattoos are done just as the two lines on top of each other, that can come in different styles, while other tattoos have the lines with some form of tribal in the background.

Many people get an orchid flower with their Aquarius sign. The flower brings in a nice design and signifies both wisdom and love. When put on the female body, it relates more towards charm and beauty. If the tattoo is of a man or woman holding a vase while the water is flowing out it represents a free flowing of both opinions and ideas.

Putting any tattoo onto your body can be both exhilarating and scary. It’s oftentimes hard to figure out what to get or even where to put it. Some people don’t like their tattoos showing while others want as many to show as possible.

When you’re getting a Zodiac tattoo it would make sense to almost want it to show on yourself. It helps represent who you are and what you believe in. In some cases it can even show who you are trying to become and reasons as to why you are bettering yourself every day.

Take time and think about what design you want to get or how you want to incorporate your sign into whatever piece you end up with. Maybe you don’t even want a Zodiac sign but at least with this article you know a little more about yourself and what the “stars” see you to be.