Zodiac Cancer Tattoos

Zodiac Cancer Tattoos

The Cancer sign can be one of the most challenging Zodiac signs to get to know. People born from June 21 – July 22, fall under this sign. Some strength traits are tenacious, highly imaginative, loyal, emotional, sympathetic and persuasive. Some weakness traits that can be found among this sign are moody, pessimistic, suspicious, manipulative and insecure.

Most people with this sign are very sentimental. They care very deeply about family and their home. They are able to feel your pain and suffering and often times can relate to things that you may be going through in your life. These people are very persistent and determined to not only do the right things, but do them in such a way that others look up to them.

They prefer to rule and do things their way, insisting on knowing what’s best for everyone. In doing the right things and always feeling the pressure of being so determined, it can also lead to being very emotional. This emotion can often times bring on rage, which people of the Cancer sign are prone to becoming angry very easily.

Zodiac Cancer Tattoos Degrees

This Zodiac sign has three different degrees to it. If you were born at the end of June (from Midsummer and on), the sun is in the beginning of Cancer. This means you’re controlling and dominating, especially in an emotional way. You allow yourself to interfere, in order to make others feel better.

Since this is the cardinal part of the sign and Cancer is a cardinal sign, people with the sun here are the most typical Cancers, showing the traits of the sign early on. If you were born in the beginning of July, the sun is in the middle of Cancer. This implies you’re very protective, trying to maintain a stillness so that others don’t get upset or worried.

You strive for everyone to feel good. If you were born in the middle of July, the sun is at the end of Cancer. That makes you anxious to avoid situations that might worry others or make them feel unpleasant. You try your best to make everyone feel good. Also, in your efforts to please you may unwillingly irritate the people around you.

Zodiac Cancer Tattoos Symbols

The astrological symbol that represents the Cancer sign is the crab. There are a few different tattoos you can get to represent this sign. The most common is getting a tattoo of an actual crab. The face, legs, claws and all.

The second one is to keep all the extremities, that being the legs and claws, but for the body some people get the number 69. The Cancer sign is also referred to as the “Sun Sign”. It was believed the Sun was in Cancer during those dates that this sign resides on. There are many shapes, sizes, forms and color patterns you can use on any one of these tattoos to best represent your sign.