Zodiac Leo Tattoos

Zodiac Leo Tattoos

It’s easy to see what kind of person you’re destined to be if you’re born as a Leo. The symbol itself is of a lion. Strong, in charge and looking to lead the packs. If that doesn’t speak louder than the lion’s roar then I’m not sure what would.

The date ranges for Leo’s are from July 23- August 22. People born as a Leo are thought to be natural born leaders. Some strengths that go with Leo’s are creative, passionate, generous, warm hearted, cheerful and humorous. There are of course a few downfalls that go along with this sign, which are, arrogant, stubborn, self-centered, lazy and inflexible.

Zodiac Leo Tattoos Symbols

The actual sign for Leo is a fire symbol and the lion also represents it. Leo’s often seem to be running around with a larger than life ego in their heads if not kept in check. Leo’s have a “king of the jungle” status and can easily find what they need. But, on the other hand it can cause problems because they tend to ignore the needs of others while trying to fulfill their own desires.

There are quite a few ideas that can be done with Leo sign when looking to incorporate it into a tattoo. One possibility is getting the actual Leo symbol. You can get it done just by itself or in some cases I’ve seen it incorporated into other things, like a butterfly, an anchor of a ship or other simple things of that sort.

Another idea would be getting a lion head. Some people go full scale and get a portrait style tattoo of a lion head while others get a more basic design. Something simple with just the figure of the lion in a tribal-like design.

Zodiac Leo Tattoos Placement

Placement for the lion all depends on how big you decided to get it. For women if you’re going simple the back of the neck or even on the wrist would look nice, if you don’t mind your tattoos showing.

If you decided to go with a more complex design there is going to be a lot more detail; therefore, the tattoo is going to be quite larger. The back, upper arm or even chest would be a good spot to look at getting one placed.

More basic ideas include getting the placement of the “Leo” constellation. Nine simple dots and lines connecting them all is about as basic as one can get. Another style would be getting the Japanese symbol for “fire”. It’s very simple and straight to the point.

These are just ideas that can be used or completely disregarded. It’s also easy to take any one of these designs and mesh it in with another tattoo or a different design that you’ve been thinking about getting. Leo’s are go getters and doers, none of you will have a problem figuring out which tattoo best works for you.