Zodiac Sagittarius Tattoos

Zodiac Sagittarius Tattoos

As with most Zodiac signs, they can be hard to unfold and figure out. Sagittarius, for the most part, are a little easier to get a grip on. They live off the philosophy “what you see is what you get”. They don’t mind letting it all hang out for everyone to see and not caring much what people think.

Zodiac Sagittarius Tattoos Meanings

They are inspired, wanderers, optimists and dreamers of our world. The date range for Sagittarius is November 22 to December 21. People under the Zodiac Sag sign are governed by the color purple. This color happens to be used for royalty. These people happen to be full of themselves but also have great care for others.

Some strength attributes are generosity, idealistic and a great sense of humor. Other weakness that present themselves with this sign are impatience, they tend to say anything and end up making promises they can’t deliver. Sag people love their freedom.

Zodiac Sagittarius Tattoos Symbols

One of the signs that represents this Zodiac is the wanderlust triangle. These are the biggest travelers and adventurists out of all the Zodiac signs. Another symbol that best represents Sagittarius is the arrow glyph. The arrow glyph represents more than just an arrow. It represents aim, and any Sag who has a clear aim or goal will go to great lengths to see it completed. It also is a symbol of being direct and blunt.

The older one becomes the more they see there are more diplomatic ways of getting their point across then being flat out rude and blunt. The arrow always points upwards, aiming high and shooting for goals no matter how far off they might seem at the time. Possibly the most widely known Sag sign is the Centaur of Greek mythology.

Sag’s love to explore and then bring back their findings to share with everyone and help teach. While doing this they struggle with their adventures with their wild nature. This is where the horse comes in. Horses happen to rambunctious and roam. Half man and half human is a questionable place to be in and difficult at times for Sagittarius to deal with.

Some interesting tattoo designs would be a Centaur with shooting an arrow. A symbol of the struggle of wanting to be free and roam but hoping that your aim will be able to nail something and take you to new heights in both your life and career.

Two of the most popular tattoo designs for Sags incorporated into one amazing piece of art. This of course would be a larger piece and would require more room so take that into consideration when thinking about using this piece.

Getting just arrow or the triangle representing wanderlust would be smaller designs if you’re looking for something not as large. Even getting the triangle with an arrow going through it would represent your sense for adventure but also that, on any adventure, you’re always looking towards the skies for something more. Looking to aim for higher goals for yourself, family and friends.